FOR ASSESSMENT – Another Colorful look at Morocco

Morocco has actually hosted a street art festival, the Remp’Arts street festival was held between 17 to 19 May in Azemmour. Morocco has both local street artists but also attracts international artists too.

The initiative for graffiti art is actually primarily taken by the government, an interesting dichotomy of what we see locally in Australia. “On the 5th of June, 2013, International Environment Day, the Al-Dusheira Council organised a graffiti competition together with a number of civil society organisations. The citizens of this Southern Moroccan city could assist with painting murals highlighting regional culture, art and history.” (, 2017)


The above mural is at the Mohammed VI museum’s Main Street exhibit. A French artist, Christian Guemy, created the portraits of Moroccan women.

Christian Gummy goes by the pseudonym C215. The artist himself, who has been described as Paris’ answer to Banksy, “describes museums as ‘dead places‘ with streets being ‘the best art galleries in the world‘.” (Ape on the Moon, 2017)

I find this piece to be particularly descriptive of the Moroccan people. The gaze the woman has towards the camera, the quantity of many individual portraits, and the varying sizes of portraits.


I like how parts of this exhibit flow onto the street, making it more than just a painting in a museum. People walk past it every day and interact with art in their regular lives and routine.

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